If you often feel dissatisfied with your performance, you’re probably making this common mistake


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Before I list out all the potential ways I can think of how you can reward yourself, let me ask you this - do you often feel dissatisfied with your results? Or do you struggle to see any progress despite of working hard for long hours? Do you lack confidence? Are you often waving hands ready to give up?

Remember how you used to get rewarded by your parents after you’ve done well on your test at school. Well, consider maintaining that sweet childhood habit even now, when you’re adult in the serious position. What’s wrong with that?! After hard work or when task has been completed well, you should REWARD YOURSELF! 

Even more now, as a manger you’re responsible for your team, for their performance and for their well-being. Be sure to share idea’s from this article with them too. Soon, I’ll dive into more details and will be sure to share with you a few benefits on to why you should. 

Undoubtedly, this is an advice you’ve probably heard many times, but not necessarily took it on board. 

Maybe you are one of those people (I used to be there too!) who are never satisfied with their ACHIEVEMENT, even though to the outside world, you’re a success - whatever-you-touch-turns-to-gold, personally you don’t feel satisfied. 

As soon as you accomplish one task, almost immediately you pick the next one. You move on so FAST and it feels natural to you. You’ve always done it this way. That’s because you’re not yet where you want to be. Even though you have countless miles and hours of hard work behind you already accomplished, you don’t take consistent time out to re-evaluate and consider how much work and effort you’ve already put in and invested. Instead, by focusing on the future, you spend a lot of time beating yourself up. It’s vicious circle you need to break out from

Rewarding is all about - acknowledging your effort which increases likelihood that you will continue working towards your goal. 

Even with creating new healthy habits, rewarding yourself to reinforce the new behaviours, makes them more likely to happen again and stick. 

This is why rewarding yourself goes hand in hand with goal setting. Without it, you’ll feel depleted, unsuccessful and unsatisfied. You’ll keep beating yourself up for not being yet, where you want to be. Your focus is attached to the future instead of being right here in this moment. 

Here are some of the ideas 

• give yourself a pat on the back

• having a long relaxing bath

• one sofa day, just you and Netflix

• buying a treat, magazine or book

• putting money aside

• inviting friend for dinner and chat

• dancing around the apartment to The greatest showman soundtrack  

• Going to the cinema 

• attending live concert

• Whatever feels like reward for you

• buy yourself flowers

• volunteer and give back 

• donate £5 

• teach yourself some yoga

• take 10 to meditate

• go for nice walk (alone or with friend)

• draw something

• check the social media or watch silly cat videos on you tube or play words with friends

• relax in the park bench

• read a good book (the one that has been waiting on your bedside table for months)

• cook something delicious (and healthy?)

• order in (and let the food come to you)?

• exercise (or for others - skip the exercise this one time)

• paint your nails (or get them done for you)

• treat yourself to facial

• take a nap

• give yourself 10 minutes to be mindful and fully take in the feeling of accomplishment

• go bowling

• do a word search or puzzle

• turn of the switch and light up candles instead

• schedule your worries for tomorrow

• put together a puzzle

• do anything what you normally don’t have time for


Consider how you want to reward your efforts and hard work you’ve already put in?

So let’s recap why rewarding yourself is so important and why you should definitely start as soon as now especially if you have some juicy goal in mind or in general - want to FEEL BETTER ABOUT THE WORK AND PROGRESS YOU’RE MAKING.


Because the sense of accomplishment will:

  • Boost your confidence 

  • Help retain your motivation 

  • Help acknowledge your previous efforts

  • Increase your overall satisfaction

Accomplishment can only happen through CONSISTENT ACTION - to keep your momentum and keep you working towards grand goal no matter what that goal is for you. You need motivation to persist. 

Rewarding yourself is great part of self-care.

As much as self-care sounds fluffy and cliche, well and often written about. 

Self-care is important to maintain healthy relationship with yourself, to keep producing positive feelings, good confidence level and healthy self-esteem. 

Look at the self-care as keeping tap on your resources, when they’re running low and replenish them before they drain away. 

I am not only talking about PHYSICAL self-care, I want you to consider INNER self-care too. 

This is one of those things that is so easy to push down the priority list. ‘I’ll do it later”, “It can wait’, ‘I’ve got other more important things to do now’. 

With hand on heart, we’re all guilty of this one. Especially, as managers, we’re so busy, once we get going in the morning, it’s hard to stop. 

Self-care is first thing to be put aside when we get overwhelmed with workload and it stays there until there’s wake-up call to notice the toll this lifestyle took on our lives. One of the main reasons why people avoid reading or giving a chance to self-care is because they lack time. Which is plain excuse.

The tips I am suggesting are easy to integrate into your daily life. 

Here are some benefits you’ll start noticing  when you start practicing self-care

Know your worth

It’s the best way to let others and remind yourself that your needs matters and are important too. 

Work/life balance

Many of us grew up believing harder we work, more we deserve. Overwork and the stress which follows does not make you more productive, on the contrary, productivity decreases, and you feel disorganised and depleted. 

Stress management

A little amount of stress is a great nudge to get us moving and finishing by deadlines, persistent stress can lead to all sorts of health problems like anxiety, depression or heart diseases. Eating healthier, going for walk with loved one or meditating cuts down stress level.

Slow down

As much as you feel taking care of others is your responsibility, taking care of yourself is the also your responsibility. Enjoy your morning coffee while looking out at rain and trees, or concentrate on your breathing for a few minutes. 

Physical health

Self-care covers all of you. As important it is to take a better care of yourself mentally, emotionally, it’s as important to take care of your physical body by eating healthy, exercising and sleeping more. It’s not only about well-being of your body but also about letting off steam. 

Better productivity

Productivity will increase with self-care in two ways, your productive will increase as result of the above steps not only because  you’ll grant yourself more rest but you’ll nourish yourself too. Second way your productive will improve, when you learn to say ‘no’, you’ll start working, attending and spending time when it matters to you, and whom you want to. 

Don’t let this be another thing you put off for next week, on next month. Start today and notice the difference. 

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Are there any great simple and cheap ways to reward yourself that I have missed? Let me know in the comments below.