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Even though, I don’t offer any training teaching you coaching or NLP skills. I myself have undertaken both training to not only silence my curiosity, but also to improve my skills and become better manager.

Even though, this article may not teach you how to apply coaching or NLP, it’ll definitely point out the benefits you could get when either coaching is applied.

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Alright, enough of self-promotion, here’s what I wanted you to know about coaching.

coaching for managers

Coaching helps improve thinking process of individual so they can achieve their goals and solve problems more effectively. 
Most of the time, coaching offers new perspective

As a manager skilled at coaching, you’d find it easier to set effective goals and provide constructive feedback

Coaching will help you do your job better but most of the time it is credited as the best tool to develop talent

Managers with the coaching skills are curious. They ask a lot of questions and they are genuinely interested in finding out more about how things are going, or why things are not going as well. They want to know about problems people are running into and what needs to be done better. 

By using coaching skills, you’ll be able to improve performance of your team, build their skills and drive their engagement. When employees feel heard and are given space to talk openly, they are more likely to be loyal, engaged and self-motivated. 

Coaching is primary tool to help someone evolve and advance in their role, business or life. It concentrates on the individual rather than task or job. 

It’s about learning as oppose to teaching. What that means is, manager using coaching at work avoids telling team what to do, instead coaching manager would ask questions and collect the best ideas from the team. 

After all, the team knows how to do the job well, what they need to carry out the job well, manager is there to support, monitor and help when needed. 

If the individual is being held responsible and accountable for his work, this foster motivation to achieve goals

Human mind cannot not respond to a question. You present the question and your mind will be searching for the answer until it finds it. Miracle? Yes!

As you impose questions to your mind when you’re seeking for solution to a problem, you can do the same with your team. And that’s what coaching is. 


  1. improve individual and team performance

  2. help you retain talented and high performing staff

  3. boost team morale

  4. adds to overall company growth and success


  1. They don’t understand the value/ importance of coaching

  2. They don’t posses the coaching skills

  3. They don’t have time to integrate coaching skills into their daily job

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic programming) for managers

The best way to describe nlp is by calling it the study of excellence. You could work out what excellent managers do and then apply modelling to achieve the same success for yourself. 

Your job is to minimise the costs, drive efficiency, increase productivity, quickly motivate your stuff, keep morales up and constantly achieve set goals. 

This is at least to say, tough job you’re facing. 

NLP studies the best of the best, transfers it into model so others can use and apply it to achieve the same level of success. 


This exercise will help you gain different perspective.

1st position - is your own perspective - how do you view, feel and think about the particular situation.

2nd position - is you acting as the other person - this is where you try to see the particular situation from their point of view, how they view it, what they feel and think about it

3rd position - is you acting as third party, someone who is not involved in this particular situation 


  1. replicating excellence - you as a manager could identify what skills and know hows some of your best performing team members have and then help other team members apply the same strategies NLP tool modelling.

  2. using language to produce outstanding outcomes - many of our behaviours are unconscious to us, which means if you ask someone how they do something so well, they wont be able to give you the answer. It’s the same for the opposite, if you ask someone where they think they may be going wrong, also they will not be able to give you the answer. NLP offers processes to enable us to decode behaviours and thoughts so that we can become consciously aware of what is going on in the background. 

  3. communication and relationships - NLP helps people communicate with others more effectively through the tool called NLP communication model. This explains to us how our inner thoughts, focus and our behaviours result not from what is going on around us but from how we interpret these things internally. 

  4. confidence - anchoring is fantastic to use in creating motivating states of mind, confidence and in eliminating negative thoughts and in being on top form just when you need to be at your best

  5. motivation and morale - Neurological or logical levels of change tool shows us how organisation can work with their employees to crate better motivation and morale by marrying up company values and individuals values. 

Are you a manager who’s already applying coaching or NLP tools at work? What’s working the best for you, let me know in the comments below.

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