FAQs on coaching

How can I benefit from coaching?

Coaching is fast growing industry because it offers different perspective. It believes that you have all the right answers which you’re able to find and also find the way to move forward from ‘stuck’ situation you find yourself in by asking questions.


When you’re faced with worry or problem, talking to someone non-judgemental and objective helps. It offers different perspective, and most of the time, great deal of clarity even solution in first 45 minutes. This is what makes coaching so effective, successful and desired industry.

what my coaching will not do

My coaching is not about enabling your ‘power within’ and reaching your ‘ultimate potential’. It’s not about ‘transforming your life and yourself’, tapping into your ‘inner spark’, and all of sudden becoming the person you were meant to become.

What my coaching will do

By using questioning skills, help you clarify what your obstacles are and how you can move forward to get the results in your life you desperately want.
As much as this website is packed with tips and advice on dealing with daily stress, the coaching is more about asking questions rather than offering How-to advice. The questioning, if done right, holds the power to cause you to think, consider the beliefs you hold, and motivates you to act on your ideas. Asking moves you from your goals, to find and utilise your unique strengths, to manage yourself more effectively, to identify and work around your limitations, to focus your intention and your resources and, above all, to make changes in your life for the better. Would you be interested? This is what coaching can do for you.



FAQs on Be productive & Stay well training

Is this training only for bosses, managers and business owners?

No. This training is for anyone who finds themselves in stressful situation or dealing with stress on daily bases. The training will teach you how to look after yourself and improve your well-being whilst also teaching you how to improve your productivity and confidence.



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