This side project came out of my interest to develop my management skills. I’ve been manager for over 8 years now and even though my aspiration as a child was not to become a manager, I grew to like it. The job actually meets a lot of my skills, talents and interests. I have always been interested in human behaviour and psychology. I have also always liked to organise things and get sh*t done.

As I was developing my skills as manager, I kept coming across different niches of coaching and NLP and the benefits that both industries can make on not only the work but also personal life. So between 2015 and 2016, I got trained in both. I am certified Personal performance coach and Master in Neuro-Linguistic programming. Last year I’ve trained as Cognitive Behavioural practitioner.

You may be wondering why I started this side project when I’m perfectly happy in my full time job. This is a good and logical question. We all have aspirations about what we want to be when we grow up - well my aspiration was to be an entrepreneur (like my dad). It’s seemed pretty cool and freeing job, and I like to get creative.
Then, in 2016, after sudden loss of my dad, I got serious about working with managers and business owners like my dad, who deal with daily stress, task overload and constant lack of time. I am determined to provide you with actionable tips and tools on keeping tap on your stress levels and how you can maintain sanity whilst juggling daily tasks.

According to recent study, 39% of adults in the UK report they feel too stressed daily and 85% of adults experience stress regularly. Stress affects us all and may lead into further serious consequences on your health and well-being.

My aim is to research ‘so-called’ the most effective tools for managers to do their work effectively while maintaining their sanity and stress levels low - then apply them in practice and report my findings in case studies easily accessible on this website. This is where my full time managerial role comes in handy, it allows me to try out tools and techniques in practice, on the job.