Tackle stress

Tackle stress



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Study shows that 39% of adults in the UK report they feel too stressed daily and 85% of adults experience stress regularly. You can learn to manage stress by managing stressors (external pressures) and by developing your emotional resilience to better cope with stressful situations.

Would you like to know why certain things make you feel so stressed? And what you can do about it?

here’s what you’ll learn

  • identify signs of stress, what’s causing you feeling so stressed and start addressing it

  • why certain things make you feel so stressed

  • learn actionable streps to avoid and how to deal with stress

  • start developing better emotional resilience

  • a big part of dealing with stress comes down to how you manage your thoughts

  • learn about habits, autopilot and mindfulness and how can these three work for you, not against you

  • actionable step to stop living on autopilot

The thoughts evoke emotions, make you feel certain way and that consequently makes you behave in resourceful or less resourceful way. You’ve probably heard and read before, change your thinking, change your life. This sounds like a catch phrase with truth behind it.Here are 4 questions you can start asking yourself and start making change right now. 

Feeling stressed means feeling out of control. The autopilot is in charge. Mindfulness can help you turn off the autopilot, become more aware of what’s happening and feel more in control. 

You’ll learn in these 3 steps

Step 1:
Identify your stressors

This step is much easier that it seems or sound.

step 2:
Change your thinking.

No really! Change your thinking!

step 3:
Step out of the autopilot

here’s how it works

This is structured training 3 modules. Ideal and desirable is to invest full 1 working day (8 hours) for this training. (I am available for the weekends too. Or it can be broken down into 3 separate sections each lasting under 3 hours. 

The training is the best conducted One on One (personally or over the SKYPE), so each individual is coached through and on each module. This is because each individual may need more support and coaching in different areas. However, if you’re looking to have a group training, this is also available.  Please contact me on hello@jana-smandrova to discuss details and options. 

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