Liana Ferier, Cyprus

Jana has been an absolute God send for me. She has been coaching me from the start of setting up my coaching business through Skype. Although we have never met in person, she has made me feel very comfortable to speak to her and feel that I have known her for a long time. 

I always look forward to our sessions together as after each session, I have set a new milestone and this has helped me gradually build up my business. I tend to generally be hard on myself and don’t acknowledge my accomplishments which has led me on a few occasions to feel disheartened. Jana, however has helped me realise this and kept me motivated and to acknowledge how far I have come.  She has excellent questioning skills that have helped me unblock my own limiting beliefs and reveal to me where my potential pitfalls where.  Through her encouragement, I have exceeded my initial goals where it came to my coaching business.

 I would like to thank Jana for all her hard work in coaching me and look forward to our next sessions together.  

Jana SmandrovaComment