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Boss up

Learn how to stay productive and well. This is ideal training for you if you’re struggling with stress.

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 who is this training for?

Whether you are manager or business owner, you’re a leader. You’re responsible for achievement  of daily tasks and leading team towards success. With that comes a great deal of stress. Daily, you’re under pressure to get the best results with minimal resources. Your job is to minimise costs, drive efficiency, increase productivity,

motivate your team, keep morals up and consistently achieve set goals. This is a touch job. At the heart of this training is my intention to give managers and business owners coaching skills and tools to better themselves, their performance and most importantly their well-being. 


how does it work?


This is structured training following 11 modules. Knowledge-rich and in-depth informative but easy to digest. Ideal and desirable is to invest full 1 working day (8 hours) for this training. (I am available for the weekends too.


The training is the best conducted One on One (personally or over the SKYPE), so each individual is coached through and on each module. This is because each individual may need more support and coaching in different areas. However, if you’re looking to have a group training, this is also available.  Please contact me on hello@jana-smandrova to discuss details and options. 


Format of training is presentation of materials (tools and learning), interaction, coaching and applying learning so you get the best results. This is definitely not lecture style classroom training! Each attendee will receive handouts (PDF format) for each module.



This is research packed coaching training. It took me a year to develop this training to ensure it meets high standards I set and your expectations. If, however, you feel training did not meet your expectations, I’ll refund half of the money back once 3 days are complete. 



My support will continue after the training as well. Each attendee will receive my personal details and available times to contact me for extra support or if they were feeling stuck.

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 Step 1:


Learn coaching tools to gain greater clarity and get anything you want.


Step 2:


Learn coaching tools to manage your stress and maintain your sanity whilst juggling daily tasks.


step 3:


Access specific tools to develop more confidence and learn how to deal with fear, worry and procrastination.


step 4:


Learn to manage your emotions and stress. Get tips to change your mindset and experience more happiness.

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